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perro border collie, con los colores blanco y negro sentado en el césped seco, rodeado de vegetación
se muestra un border collie de color blanco y negro y a su dueña dándole cariños, están encima de una roca y de fondo se puede ver arena y el mar, están en la playa
We love our job!

About us

We are a family that for years we have enjoyed the coexistence of the Border Collie and Jack Russell.
The Border Collie came to us by chance, a situation in our life made us have that puppy “Cali” in our hands from one day to the next and thanks to her we discovered this wonderful breed.

your best friends

Jack russell and Border Collie

We learned that the Border Collie is not just any breed, it is special, just like the Border Collie happened to us with the Jack Russells, one day visiting some breeder friends in ASTURIAS.

We were able to get to know the breed, see those little ones playing, being so nice, Sociable, affectionate, clowns,,, and seeing how he played with our Border, he conquered us and we decided to include ourselves in our lives.

perro border collie, con los colores blanco y negro sentado en el césped seco y mirando a la izquierda, rodeado de vegetación
cachorro jack russell de unos 3 meses de color marron y blanco y ojos marrones, mirando a camara de lado
muestra un border collie de color blando y negro, de perfil, encima de un mueble de madera
se aprecia cuatro crías de jack russell durmiendo
since 1990 training our dogs

Our experience

We are 24/7 for them, we always include them in our lives, we cannot imagine a life without them, we adapt everything to them, routines, schedules…
Our attention to them is continuous, we add them on trips, getaways…
Our children have always been raised with animals, we have instilled in them the respect they deserve, we have several family veterinarians who carry it in our blood, and we hope to be able to offer puppies to families who want to enjoy a puppy as much as we do.