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perro border collie, con los colores blanco y negro sentado en el césped seco, rodeado de vegetación
se muestra un border collie de color blanco y negro y a su dueña dándole cariños, están encima de una roca y de fondo se puede ver arena y el mar, están en la playa


To reserve a puppy, a deposit of €300 must be paid.

Said deposit will not be returned unless due to greater circumstances, Southern Sons cannot deliver a puppy to the family, the order of reservation will be the order of selection of the puppy.


Puppies delivery procedure

  • The puppies are delivered with 9 weeks approx.
  • 2 vaccinations.
  • Several deworming, being the first at 15 days of life, like this every 15 days until 60 days of life.
  • Chip and European passport, if possible, they will be delivered in the name of the new owner.
  • Copy of the pedigree of both parents.
  • Copy of certificates of genetic diseases of both parents.
  • Copy of dysplasia certificates.
  • Contract.
  • Puppy kit.
  • Registered in the LOE, a document that we will send by courier or mail to the family for subsequent processing of the pedigree.
Southern SOns

Conditions and guarantee

Our viral guarantee PARVOVIRUS OR DISTEMPER. It is 15 days according to law, counting from the same day of delivery, being necessary to inform us from the first moment of the anomaly, in order to be able to advise it by our veterinarian and determine the steps to follow.
Failure to comply with any of these conditions will exempt Southern sons from any type of responsibility.

For safety and protection, the puppies will remain at home for at least 7 days without going out, since the changes can generate drops in defenses and they are more susceptible to any virus or germ.

  • More detail in the contract of sale of the puppy.
  • Puppies should continue with the same feed for at least one year of life, unless by veterinary prediction it should be changed, but it should always be a high-end feed that meets the puppy’s needs for good growth.