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cria de jack russel recien nacida con colores blanco y marron
manada de crias de jack russell con 3 semanas
ideal, loyal and affectionate


It is a breed native to the United Kingdom.
From our point of view, the Jack Russell is one of the most sociable dogs that exist, they are friendly, tenacious, intelligent, brave, adventurous dogs.

They adapt to living in a family, they are ideal for any type of family, since they are ideal for being with children, and that is where their clown “vein” comes out when playing with them.

good companion and obedient

Smart dogs

They are very special dogs to be with the elderly. Among their qualities, their great capacity for adaptability in any situation or environment stands out.

They have great capacity for any job, be it sports or hunting, it is also a dog widely used as an assistance dog in therapy, scenes have even been recorded in series or movies, given its great capacity for learning

zona donde se encuentra varios cachorros de border collie y 1 jack russell adulto
cachorro jack russell de unos 3 meses de color marron y blanco y ojos marrones, mirando a camara de lado
jack russell de 3 meses de color blanco y marron mirando a la derecha
Put a jack russell in your life

jack russell in detail

Small in size, 20-30 cm and weighing 6-8 kg, approx. depending on the sex, its fur must be mostly white, with black and brown spots, and there are various types of hair, such as hard, short, broken…
Depending on the type of hair, we will use some products or others, since hard or broken hair needs more specific hairdressing, and short hair does not, which is only to remove dead hair.
We can bathe him once a month to keep his fur clean. We always recommend going to a specialist where he will know better how to handle the different coats.
We have products on the market for your care, also do not forget the protection of the nose and pads.

They are ideal dogs to share different experiences, they will undoubtedly make you laugh and have a good time, they are very faithful to their owner or family.
Put a Jack Russell in your life !!!!!

our Jack Russell