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perro border collie, con los colores blanco y negro sentado en el césped seco, rodeado de vegetación
se muestra un border collie de color blanco y negro y a su dueña dándole cariños, están encima de una roca y de fondo se puede ver arena y el mar, están en la playa
Noble, loyal and affectionate


Border Collies are descended from Scotland and England.

The Border Collie is a dog that conquers you and makes you love it, it gets along very well with children and adults.

They are affectionate, energetic, and friendly dogs.
They are very sensitive, so all learning must be positive and calm, it is not about having a robot that follows orders, but about having a partner, who trusts us and wants to learn, take your time and have Patience, not because he is a very intelligent dog he has to learn everything now, you have to know how to get to the animal, create a bond that understands that everything is a game and that way he will feel more comfortable and you will get better results.

They adapt to all types of families, since they can live perfectly in apartments, where the most important thing for them is always your company.

Being a very intelligent dog, it is especially valued not only for company, but for any type of sports work, such as herding, agility, disc dog, canicross…

They are also welcome for beauty exhibitions.

They can live very well with other animals, since they are not aggressive dogs.

They love to enjoy taking walks with their family, whether it is on the beach, in the mountains, or simply in the city, they will always be ready for anything, since they enjoy pleasing the family.
Without a doubt, they are wonderful dogs, and until you have one you don’t know what you are missing, for us they are special dogs, and we know that without a doubt, they will make you fall in love.

perro border collie, con los colores blanco y negro sentado en el césped seco y mirando a la izquierda, rodeado de vegetación
un grupo 4 border collie y un perro desconocido 3 hembras y 1 macho las 3 hembras son de color marron claro y blanco y el macho de color blanco y negro, se estan conociendo
muestra un border collie de color blando y negro, de perfil, encima de un mueble de madera
border collie con color sable, de fondo se puede ver mucha vegetación

Weight and height

Its weight ranges between 14-20 kg approx, depending on the sex.

Height 53 cm, females being slightly smaller.
We must always assess what type of dog we have, since its morphology and character is very important if we want to develop some type of activity with them as mentioned above.

Beauty exhibitions, grazing.

beauty and elegance

Border Collie Care

Regarding general care, we can say that it needs a lot of brushing, several times a week, to maintain its shine and texture, also in times of moulting it will be done more intensively to remove dead hair and help in moulting.
They never shave, apart from hurting their skin, since we leave it exposed to the sun and other factors, we load the coat of hair, therefore, it is best to always brush.


border collie de colores azul mirlo mirando con curiosidad hacia la cámara
se muestra en la imagen un cachorro border collie con colores blanco y marrron muy claro, es muy pequeño, literalmente el tamaño de una mano adulta, ya que hay una mano cogiendo al cachorro
se ve un cachorro border collie con colores blanco y marron muy claro, esta de frente a la camara y con la boca abierta, parece que esta alegre
en la imagen se muestra un cachorro border collie con color blanco y negro muy claro, se muestra de frente mirando a la camara

There are various specific products for your care, from brushes, lotions, truffle products, pads, so always get good advice and choose the right products.
The bathroom is something very broad, since when we go to the beach yes or if they must rinse to remove the salt, but normally they bathe once a month approx.
There are also products for your teeth, from toothbrushes, pastes or toys that will help you maintain a healthy mouth.
Prepare well for the arrival of your puppy at home and always get the best advice possible.
Put a Border Collie in your life!!!